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Sparkgeo  provides geospatial expertise to tech companies.


Off-the-shelf problems can be solved by off-the-shelf software, extraordinary problems demand extraordinary solutions. That’s why a number of leading organizations rely on Sparkgeo for ongoing insight, collaboration, and support.

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Terradactile: Generate COGs from AWS Terrain Tiles

With the ever increasing volume of open data out there, we’re always looking for ways to make it more accessible and useful. The AWS Terrain Tiles dataset is an amazing…

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Strategic Geospatial

Making a map may be a daily activity for many, but thinking about why we do something and whether that activity is fit for purpose differentiates those who are thinking…

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Prescient Computing

Our community is perfectly positioned to evolve from analyzing landscapes retrospectively to looking forward. The next ‘killer app’ for geospatial isn’t an app at all, it’s probably the future.


We partner with innovative organizations to deploy custom geospatial experiences.
Extraordinary problems demand extraordinary solutions.

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Geospatial is Changing Everything

Our obsessive focus on geospatial technology makes us a somewhat unique company. In fact, most of our work is with other technology companies. They look to us as expert partners who can lend them expertise that’s not easily found in-house.